Company Profile

The Society provides a range of discretionary family-friendly benefits and services to enhance the work/Life balance and wellbeing of Members and their Families.

Maryvale Friendly Society Limited is a registered Australian Public Company. ACN: 087 648 860

Annual General Meeting

The Society holds its Annual General Meeting of Members at 4pm on the third Wednesday in October.

The meeting is usually held in the Visitors Centre at Australian Paper’s Maryvale Mill at 4pm.

Annual Reports

The Society will publish an electronic annual report — including financial statements — each year, which is emailed to Members.

Copies of the Society’s previous Annual Reports can be found the Downloads page.

Due to changes to Corporations Law in June 2010, the Society has been deemed a tier 1 company and is no longer required to submit Financial Statements to ASIC.


The Society’s Constitution contains the rules by which the Society must operate. The Constitution cannot be changed without the approval of the Members in General Meeting.

Nomination for the Board

Any Member may nominate for any vacant Board position.

Five Board Members are required to retire every year, however, they may re‐nominate if they wish.

The Society calls for nominations prior to every AGM.

Board of Directors

Board Members

  • Geoff Dorling (Chairman) - Paper Tester Ext: 2169
  • Frank Metcalf - Safety Adviser Ext: 2320
  • Greg Sanders - M3 Ext: 2101
  • Paul Grieve - Power Plant Ext: 2467
  • Wendy Bright - Environmental Officer Ext: 2148
  • Paul Locandro - Paper Shift Manager Ext:2780
  • Anthony Pavey - CFMEU Secretary Ext: 2306
  • Andrea Notting - First Aid Ext: 2300
  • Darryl Ponton - Paper Shift Manager Ext: 2780
  • Catherine Chamings - Credit Union Ext: 2129
  • Nancy Lebbe - Rehabilitation Coordinator Ext: 2214
  • David Karsky - Day Tester Ext: 2239
  • Justin Daniel - Machine Shop Ext: 2257
  • Stuart Passalaqua -Shift E/I Ext: 2523
  • Justin McCabe - M5 Maintenance Ext: 2759

Honorary Staff

  • Company Secretary - Tony Bailey Laboratory Tester Ext: 2567
  • General Secretary - Anthony ‘Willow’ Williams - Mob: 0409 025 639
  • Treasurer - Anthony Pavey CFMEU Secretary Ext: 2306
  • Board Secretary - Elly Robertson Main Gate Ext: 2307