Discretionary Mutual Funds

Members should note that — in accordance with the legal structure of the Society — they are not automatically entitled to receive any benefits or services, it’s entirely up to the Board of Directors to set the guidelines and determine the benefit amount, if any.

The Board must consider every claim for assistance made by any Member. However, the Board is also legally empowered to refuse any claim or alter any benefit payment, in its absolute discretion.

Please note that the benefits and services listed on this website may or may not be currently available as described.

Members may need access a range of benefits and services during a prolonged absence, if so, members should contact the Secretary to discuss their particular needs.

Claim Forms

Members must submit a claim form to the Secretary in order to have their request for assistance considered.


Most members will receive payment for their benefits or reimbursements through the Mill's payroll system — others will be paid by cheque or by EFT payment to their Mobile Phone or direct to your nominated bank account.

Some benefits may be in the form of a Gift Card or Voucher.

All payments from the Society are tax-free and non‐assessable income.